Pak Mail Boulder

Got to mail a cello?

Need to package & ship something big, valuable, or hard-to-package?

Pak Mail is Boulder’s Premier Packing & Shipping Center

Pak Mail Boulder in the Village Shopping Center is Boulder, Colorado’s premier full-service packaging and shipping convenience center.

We specialize in packing and shipping unusual or hard-to-package items such as:

  • Sporting equipment (bikes, kayaks, golf clubs)
  • Artwork (paintings, sculpture, ceramics, glass)
  • Furniture & Small Moves (tables, antiques, artwork)
  • Electronics (computers, televisions)
  • eBay auction items

Whether you need to send computers to you company across the country or packages to far continents of the world, we can handle it.

Can I Ship My Kayak/Bike/Sculpture/Cello?

Since 1986, we’ve packed and shipped unusual, oversize, valuable, and hard-to-package items all over the world. You’ve got a 16 foot kayak you need shipped to Fiji? We’ve done that! Do you need your stand-up bass ready for a gig in Boston? We’ve done that too. Call us to discuss that item that you don’t know how to package.

Athletes and musicians love that we can send their specialty gear for vacation or to an event. We ship bike to triathlons, exhibit booths to events, and musical instruments to recitals. If it’s special to you, know that we treat your items with special care including specialty packing materials and the best insurance coverage in the Front Range.

Want to Pack it Yourself?

Our outstanding selection of boxes and supplies can fulfill any packaging need. Our overriding declared value coverage is the best coverage in the industry — better than UPS, FedEx or freight lines! We stand behind all items we pack so you’re covered if it’s damaged, stolen, or lost. Your most valued items are fully protected with Pak Mail of Boulder.

We Make Moving Easier!

We’ll arrange for your goods to ship from Boulder, Colorado to anyplace in the world. We specialize in small domestic or overseas moves via boxing and freighting or using a small blanket wrap moving company. Don’t have enough furniture or boxes to meet out-of-state moving company minimums? Call us! We’ll even help store your shipment if needed and custom design a shipping scenario for you.

Convenient Location

We’re located in the Village Shopping Center in Boulder, Colorado, and have plenty of free parking. You don’t need an appointment, just drop by with whatever you need sent. Feel free to call us at 303-444-0831 to discuss your custom job. We look forward to seeing you!