International Shipping

Pak Mail Boulder is Boulder County and Pak Mail’s international shipping specialists!

Every year we send an average of over 300 shipments overseas, making us the #1 international shipper of all the Pak Mail stores in the nation! Shipments range from 1 to 50 pieces, and we service any country using DHL, FedEx, US mail and ocean freight.

Air Freight Services

We have an excellent arrangement for sending items via FedEx and DHL services. You are responsible for any duties or customs charges. Your packages are fully trackable and insurable, and we take care of the paperwork!

Ocean Freight

Need to send a large shipment overseas? We can send your items via ocean freight. This takes 6 to 10 weeks, depending on the destination, and your package should be a minimum of 1 cu. Meter and 250 lbs. for this service. Your shipment will go to the closest port or customs clearing house. You will be responsible for clearing it through customs and paying for any duties or taxes. You can arrange for the customs clearance and delivery on the receiving end once you are notified that the shipment has arrived at it’s destination.

International Mail

Smaller items can be mailed via air mail through the US Postal Service. These packages are generally not insurable or trackable. Delivery ranges from 1-2 weeks for air mail, depending on your destination.