In my years in Boulder I have never had anything other than a superior experience at Pak Mail. My most recent shipment involved packages to my elderly father’s house in Texas. The package was repacked by Pak mail to save me dollars (one pkg instead of two) and the driver mistakenly delivered it next door. When it didn’t arrive, the owner of Pak Mail (on a horrendously busy day at his shop) personally tracked the package down, found it and advised me of such. My Dad retrieved the package the same day. Outstanding customer service every time. The staff is equally accommodating. I drive across town to use this shipping company only.

D.R., Boulder

Moving is just as stressful as everyone says! One good thing was that we found Pak Mail in Boulder. Gil was so kind and calm and helpful that it made us feel calmer too. And everything unfolded just as he promised: He picked up our packages the very time he said he would; they arrived even sooner than he predicted; and everything was carefully packed and palletized and de-palletized at our new home. Best of all, everything arrived safe and sound! We feel grateful to Gil and to Pak Mail, and it is that gratitude that got me motivated to write this review!

Rivvy N., Boulder

I’m writing to thank you guys for your fantastic job on our shipment to Hamburg. It cleared customs and I got to pick up the boxes last week.

Every item made it to Hamburg without even a scratch. The packaging of the fragile paintings in their glass frames was really awesome. I appreciate the efforts even more after seeing the rough handling of cargo at the container terminal myself. So thanks again for taking such good care of our shipment.

J.P., Boulder